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Lima has Performed With:

  • Arrow

  • Blue Ventures

  • Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

  • Dave Brown and the Versatile

  • David Rudder

  • Etienne Charles & Friends

  • Kassav  (On their album) 

  • Kes the Band

  • Multinational Force Band

  • Onyan and The Bagan Band

  • Pep and the Soul Explosion

As for her Own Songs: 

 Over the years, Lima has recorded a number of hit singles.

Among them are:

  • “Fittest Shall Survive” (2000)

  • “Ready For The Road (2000)

  • “Same Ole Something” (2001)

  • “Sugar Factory” (2002)

  • “The Garden” (2004)

  • “Ah Want it” (with Onyan 2005)

  • “Party In Peace” (2006)

  • “Cyah Lie”

  • “Down Low”

  • “That Somebody” (2012)

Throughout the Caribbean, the name, Lima Calbio is synonymous with vocal versatility and musical mastery.

Over the past couple of decades, Lima has earned a fine reputation as an excellent performer the world over. She has taken the music of the Caribbean: Calypso, Soca, Ragga, Reggae, Dancehall, Zouk and much more throughout North America, UK, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  In her homeland, Trinidad, Lima is considered a living legend and she has built a dedicated fan base, which expands with every show she does whenever she visits home. Now based in New York, Lima has also established herself there as an artiste that attracts patrons in large numbers and for being the consummate crowd pleaser.  Lima was born and grew up in the Borough of Arima on the north-eastern region of the island of Trinidad. Her music career began in earnest when she was just six-years-old and she sang in her family’s parang group.  Parang is a Spanish-derived genre indigenous to Trinidad and performed at Christmas and to a lesser extent, at Easter. The songs tell stories of the Nativity as well as the life and ministry of Jesus the Christ. Along the singers needing to learn Spanish lyrics, the vocal style is quite complex and requires the singer to develop techniques and skills that are quite intricate. Lima has mastered the above, which have contributed immensely to her versatility as a singer, taking easily to any genre she is required to perform, whether the music of the Caribbean or other styles such as R&B, pop, jazz and even rock. As she entered primary school, Lima started participating in the annual calypso competitions at Carnival, always delivering impressive performances of the songs sometimes written for her by her older brother. As she moved on to secondary school, Lima continued to compete in her school’s calypso competitions eventually making it to the National Junior Calypso Monarch competition where she competed against the likes of popular Trinidadian artistes, Melanie Hudson, Roger George, Kurt Allen, Kerwin Dubois and the man hailed as the king of soca, Machel Montano. In 1989 Lima joined the iconic band known as Fireflight where she got her first taste of performing before thousands of people. Interacting with her audiences came naturally to Lima and in quick time she was commanding large crowds, having them at her beck and call following her every instruction. There is something very special about Lima, in that she connects intimately with each person she makes eye contact with during a performance. Each person believes that Lima is singing to them only. A rare quality. After a short stint with another very popular band, Atlantik, Lima was invited to join a band known as Blue Ventures from which came a number of very successful soca artistes. It was with this band that Lima Calbio became a household name, not only in Trinidad, but throughout the Caribbean. When the internationally acclaimed zouk band Kassav found themselves in a bind after one of their female vocalists suddenly left right before the recording of an album, Lima was summoned by her friends, Natalie Yorke and Karla Gonzales of the band to fill in. Not knowing French, Lima in one day learned to sing the lyrics phonetically and recorded the vocals for what would become on the Kassav’s most successful albums. By 1995, Lima was on the frontline of yet another iconic Caribbean band, Byron Lee & the Dragonaires of Jamaica. She was off globetrotting again, thrilling audiences with her vibrant, captivating and exciting stage presence and performance. Lima found herself endlessly on the road and living out of a suitcase for months on end. But she said the experience was wonderful and she felt as though she was in a school of music under the direction of Byron Lee. Coming home in 2000, Lima decided to seriously pursue a solo career, while still performing with Blue Ventures as a specially featured guest. Byron Lee also invited to her to guest with the Dragonaires, which she did until Lee’s death in 2008. Lima and fellow Dragonaires frontline singers, Oscar B and Leon Caldero do come together to do tribute performances to Lee from time to time. Lima also worked with Onyan (Burning Flames) and his Bagon Band of Antigua from 2002 to 2004, after which she spent a few years with the legendary internationally acclaimed soca artiste, Arrow (Hot Hot Hot) performing alongside him in the band, Multi National Force in Montserrat from 2004 to 2007. In 2012 Lima migrated to the US where she continues to perform as a solo artiste as well as a member of a couple bands. She sings soca and other Caribbean music with a band known as Therapi led by soca artiste, Designer, while she performs R&B, Soul and other popular music alongside, Dave Brown and the Versatiles. Since 2016 Lima has been a part of an all-star band assembled by the international acclaimed jazz trumpeter, Etienne Charles, which he simply calls, Etienne and Friends. The band performs classic calypso and soca as well as the latest soca and other popular genres with jazz infusions, which really showcases Lima’s versatility. Lima was instrumental in organising a real Trinidad styled carnival in the Seychelles, where she would also establish a “kiddies carnival”. Her presence there, also led to more doors being opened throughout the region for soca artistes from Trinidad and those based in the US and also Europe. Lima is presently working on preparations for new original recordings and a possible project featuring covers of classic calypso, soca, and other popular songs. She continues to be in demand for shows throughout the world and also back at home in Trinidad whenever she can get there

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